Customer register

1. Registry administrator:

Kelpo Kepo Oy, Haanvuorentie 25 49420 Hamina,, 0504449803

2. Registry name:

Kelpo Kepo Oys customer register.

3. Purpose of processing the personal data of the Registry:

The processing of personal data is subject to the customer relationship between Kelpo Kepo Oy and the customer, or the customer's consent or a mandate given by the customer to Kelpo Kepo Oy.

The register administrator's customers are all registered users, subscribers, recipients and payers of services produced and organized by Kelpo Kepo Oy.

Registry administrator handles registry information for the following uses:

  • Handling orders and registration information.
  • Invoicing, checking payments, settling and collecting the payment
  • Ensuring service events
  • Managing customer relationships
  • Developing customer relationship and implementing customer service
  • Managing gift cards
  • Managing customer awards
  • Reporting and personalization of activities and services
  • The development of activities and services
  • Analysis of activities and services
  • Reporting and personalization of the product offering
  • The development of the product offering
  • Analysis of product offering
  • Marketing of activities and service
  • Business development
  • Development of customer service
  • Analysis and grouping of customer relationships
  • Customer Relationship Campaign, Offer and Contact History Management
  • Targeting Kelpo Kepo Oy's communications and marketing
  • Implementing Direct Marketing
  • Implementation of direct marketing bans
  • Handling consents given by direct users to automated systems for direct marketing

4. Data content of the Registery:

The following information is collected from the users:

Personal information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Consent to direct marketing
  • Other data with the consent of the customer

Ordering information:

  • Orderer, payer and recipient information
  • Product information, price information and offer or campaign information
  • Billing information
  • Shipping information
  • Payment information
  • Cancellation information
  • Returns information
  • Complaint information
  • Wish List Details
  • Gift cards information
  • Customer awards information
  • Cash flow statistics
  • Other data with the consent of the customer

Service and usage information:

  • Information on transactions within a customer relationship
  • Information on using the services
  • Customer satisfaction information provided by customers themselves
  • Satisfaction with the products and services provided by customers themselves
  • Other data with the consent of the customer

5. Disclosure of information:

For delivery, the name and address details may be disclosed to the parties necessary for processing the delivery.

Kelpo Kepo Oy does not disclose register information for direct marketing purposes to third parties. If the disclosure of the data to third parties becomes relevant later, the prior consent of the customer is required. The customer has the right to prohibit the use of his / her register information for direct mail and marketing purposes.

6. Principles of registry protection:

Manually stored data:

The information is stored in the register administrator's premises.

Electronically stored data:

Information of Registry is stored at customer register. Access to the Registery is restricted to persons employed by Kelpo Kepo Oy. They have access codes and passwords, which allows access to Registry.

7. The right of inspection

Registered customer has the right to check what information he has in the Registry. The request for verification must be sent in writing and signed to the address:

Kelpo Kepo Oy

Haanvuorentie 25

49420 HAMINA


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