Terms of Service

Updated 27.6.2017

1. General Terms and Conditions

www.kelpokepo.fi is e-commerce for Kelpo Kepo Oy (VAT:2103368-8). These terms and conditions apply in the commercial relationship between Kelpo Kepo Oy and its customers. The services and products supplied by Kelpo Kepo Oy shall also be subject to the terms and conditions specified by the service provider concerned. Kelpo Kepo Oy is entitled to update these terms and conditions without prior notice. The terms and conditions applicable at the time of the order will be applied to the orders.

Kelpo Kepo Oy is not responsible for any damage caused by force majeure. Force majeure is an unpredictable factor or the change in circumstances, which are not in Kelpo Kepo Oys control.

2. Customer and Privacy

Kelpo Kepo Oy welcomes all private and business customers. Appropriate Finnish and EU legislation on consumer commerce, marketing and advertising applies in a trade relationship.

The customer is obligated to hand over the order when making full contact information. Including at least the name, address, phone number and email address. Business customers are also required to provide the following information: Contact name, phone number and e-mail and VAT-number, postal address, telephone number or numbers and billing address.

Customer information is stored in Kelpo Kepo Oy's customer register. The information is used to maintain the customer relationship. Kelpo Kepo Oy and companies belonging to the same group also have the right to process and disclose the information contained in the register for legitimate uses (such as direct marketing) in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/99).

The registration information is available at Kelpo Kepo Oy, Haanvuorentie 25 49420 Hamina. You may deny the use and processing of your information for marketing purposes and check the information about yourself by contacting Kelpo Kepo Oy's customer service. Contact details must be in writing and sent to: Kelpo Kepo Oy, Haanvuorentie 25 49420 Hamina FINLAND. For a full listing of customer register please visit www.kelpokepo.fi/en/info/registry

After purchasing, a product review call may be sent to the customer. Answering a product review is optional. The invitation only includes the items already purchased by the customer. Product review does not publicly display client contact information. Kelpo Kepo Oy uses the information gathered product reviews to develop customer experience, product range and services. Product reviews can only be made by registered customers. Product reviews can only be made from products ordered.

We use cookies to develop customer experience, product range and services. The cookie is a small text file stored on the user's hard disk by the www.kelpokepo.fi webserver. Some of the content of www.kelpokepo.fi may require acceptance of cookies to work. The user can prevent the use of cookies in browser settings. The user can remove cookies from the browser when the service is used. For more information about browser-specific user manuals, see the browser manufacturer's instructions.

3. Price list

Prices include VAT. Prices do not include shipping. If there are clear price errors in the price list, the product is not sold at a significantly lower price, if it can be assumed that the customer understands the existence of the error.

We will check the prices at the time of processing order. When the price drops, we will fix the prices for the customer's open order. If the price of the product rises before the order is delivered, we will deliver them at the original price.

Delivery time estimates are based on the information provided by the importers and manufacturers. Kelpo Kepo Oy or the suppliers it uses are not responsible for the delays caused by force majeure.

Kelpo Kepo Oy reserves the right to restrict the sale of products in exceptionally large quantities.

4. Shipping

The e-commerce shopping cart will automatically consider shipping offers. Products of the individual order can be delivered in more than one shipment.

Processing of the order is at the latest next business day from receiving it. Sales events and holiday times may make exceptions to the order processing schedule. We will inform you about the events and holidays on Kelpo Kepo OY's website. Finished order refers to an order that all products are in our warehouse and reserved for the order and the order form for payment is accepted.

5. Payment

Current information on payment methods can be found at our web site

Retailers can also pay orders with pro-forma invoice. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

6. Returns

For unopened and defective products there is a 14 day return policy. in case of return the product, please contact our customer service. We will give you instructions on how to return the product.

Returned products must be packed carefully.

7. Warranty, support, and defect liability

The warranty is determined by the manufacturer's specified warranty terms. Kelpo Kepo Oy defines the warranty for products manufactured by Kelpo Kepo Oy. The warranty information can be found on the product descriptions of each product. The warranty covers mainly manufacturing and material defects in the product. The warranty period is defined in the product information.

Warranty repair is always made according to the manufacturer's or importer's warranty terms. We recommend contacting the manufacturer or their service company directly. This will speed up maintenance and is therefore in your best interests. You can always deliver the product to Kelpo Kepo Oy who will deliver the defective product to service.

8. Complaint

The customer is obliged to submit a receipt when she/he complaint a defect in the goods. Kelpo Kepo Oy reserves the right to charge the costs searching receipt.

Complaints are only processed in writing. A complaints can be sent by e-mail to asiakaspalvelu@kelpokepo.fi. The website has the ability to leave feedback.

Disputes are handled in the district court of Kelpo Kepo Oy. Attorneys are not compensated.

9. Additional Terms

Kelpo Kepo Oy is not obliged to fulfill the contract, if it is subject to force majeure. Kelpo Kepo Oy is not obliged to compensate the customer for force majeure and is entitled to terminate the contract.

When making the order, the customer accepts the contractual terms of Kelpo Kepo Oy indisputably. The terms and conditions of the customer’s acquisition are not respected, if they are in contraty with Kelpo Kepo Oy's terms and conditions.

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