Dokken's Dead Fowl Canada goose
Dokken's Dead Fowl Canada goose Dokken's Dead Fowl Canada goose

Dokken's Dead Fowl Canada goose

Dokken's Dead Fowls to learn the proper hold of game birds

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Dokken's Dead Fowl was patented by the hound dog trainer Tom Dokken. These dummies were tested in a five-year period with hundred of hunting dogs with a great success.

The body of the Dead Fowl Dummy is made from soft, foam material. The head and feet are made from very hard plastic. The hard free-swinging head disciplines your dog against the bad habit of head shaking. Dokken's Dead Fowl Dummy encourages your retriever to make a proper pick up and hold.

Dokken's Dead Fowl Dummy floats in water even when punctured.

With a natural dead bird weight and using the training scents this training aid is a must-have for your hunting dog. Perfectly simulates training with a real game.

Material: Polyurethan foam

Weight: ca. 1500 g
Length: ca. 66 cm + rope
Diameter: ca. 16,5 cm

66 cm
25 cm
16 cm
1500 g
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