Blood tracking leather collar Brown
Blood tracking leather collar Brown

Blood tracking leather collar Brown

Half-choke dog collar, designed with the dog’s safety in mind. Easy and quick to put on and perfect for active dogs.

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High-quality collar made of leather, irreplaceable for the tracking work. Handmade, with stitched edges for extra comfort and rotating swivel.
Available in brown or nature colour.

Material: leather
35 cm - small dachshund
40 cm - larger dachshund, terrier
45 cm - terrier, spaniel, Slovak kopov (bitch)
50 cm - Bavarian bloodhound (bitch), Slovak kopov (dog)
55 cm - Bavarian bloodhound (dog), Hannoverian bloodhound (bitch)
60 cm - Hannoverian bloodhound (dog), pointer

5 cm
30 cm
20 cm
200 g
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